The Central Bank of Ireland head office on New Wapping Street, North Wall Quay, Dublin. between the city center and the port.

Please do not confuse with the Bank of Ireland, commercial entity located more in the city center.

Time Out, Wed. 5th from 19:30 on: Walk upstream to MV Cill Airne Boat Bar

Dublin Airport is at 15′-20′ by Dublin Express 783 & 784, frequency each 15′ and also by Aircoach, frequency each 2h. Bus stop at 3Arena Point, 350 meters downstream from Central Bank of Ireland.

Hotel (EPCO)AddressKm.Web
Clayton Hotel Cardiff LaneSir John Rogerson’S
Hilton Garden Inn Custom House
The AlexFenian
The Davenport8-10 Merrion Street
The Gibson Hotel1 Point
The Mayson Dublin82 North Wall
The Mont1-4 Merrion Street
The Spencer HotelExcise
Trinity City HotelPearse

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