Future Frontiers:
Financial, Sustainability & Regulatory Reporting with Human and Artificial Intelligence

Meri Rimmanen, Mark Goodhand, Yoshiaki Wada
The 29th Eurofiling Conference is hosted on 5-6 June 2024 by the Central Bank of Ireland, Dublin, and is divided into four thematic blocks (half day each):
Wednesday 05th 09:00-12:30Future of digital statistical reporting
Wednesday 05th 13:30-17:00Supervisory technologies innovations
Thursday 06th 09:00-12:30Towards green, sustainable finance
Thursday 06th 13:30-16:40Building consensus through policies, data and technology

Contact point: info@eurofiling.info

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Call for Software Vendors. Closed

We would like to inform you that the Eurofiling Conference will be holding a rapid fire session for software vendors to showcase new features in their reporting software and we invite you to participate in it. The rapid fire session will take place in the afternoon of June 5th and consist of 6 slots of 5 minutes each. In order to stick to the time allocated, we request a 5-minute movie presentation that can be either voiced over during its play or can already come with an audio track. In line with the title of the conference “Future Frontiers: Financial, Sustainability & Regulatory Reporting with Human and Artificial Intelligence”, we are especially interested in products that contain AI and prioritise those for the 6 available slots. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at info@eurofiling.info no later than May 16th and share a general description of your presentation highlighting the new (AI) features. The movie file should be sent to us by the 23rd of May. Do not hesitate to contact us also for further discussion on possible time extension if needed. We highly encourage you to register and join us for the 29th annual Eurofiling Conference.

Call for Speakers / Topics. Closed

The Eurofiling Foundation was open and more than happy to receive all kind of contributions, but this call is currently closed.

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