Instructions to speakers

The Eurofiling Foundation hereby express gratitude with our speakers, for all the time and effort is sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices with the audience.

As the Eurofiling Foundation has only immaterial patrimonium (but not a budget), any effort is on a voluntary basis. Hence, a double gratitude to the speakers for being volunteers affording they own costs. eurofiling.foundation/legal/

The speakers typically express their own personal opinion, that not necessarily reflects the position of their Institution, unless explicitly stated. The photos and other information about the speakers have been obtained from public sources in the moment of preparation of the Conference.

The speakers from commercial companies are kindly but strongly asked to refrain in any expression of marketing, or promotion, or any other highlight for products, services, or company description. The Eurofiling Foundation and its events are not related with any commercial background, sponsorship or other advertisement aspect. Please also do not use logos or commercial claims in the slides.

The speeches are sometimes recorded and broadcasted. The presentation slides are routinely published. It is assumed than no confidential information is disclosed in the Eurofiling events. The applicably disclaimer for intellectual property is public at Privacy Policy

For any question, please contact info@eurofiling.info